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To begin the process, just fill in the info in the short form below. You’ll receive a link to book a consultation call within 48 hours during the work week.

If you do not hear back from me, do me a favor and check your spam or promotions folder to make sure it didn’t wind up in there.

Be sure to revisit the Services page for information on services. My FAQs are listed under the form for your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any one-off projects outside of the service packages?

I am open to working with you to see if I can create a copywriting package that best suits your brand’s needs.

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

I can be reached at my email – hello@pennedbybritt.com.

Can you assist me with the layout/design of my website?

No, I only commit to working on the copy for your website.

How did you arrive at the pricing for each service?

I priced each service based on my education, years of experience in the communications field and commitment to spending time and effort in providing you with the best work that I can.

Where are your prices listed for each service?

The prices for each service is listed on the Services page.